Previously known as Triple Seven Spins, LLC

Terms of Conditions

To stay informed while accompanying us on this journey, please refer to our terms and conditions. It’s important to note that we are not affiliated with any online casinos or sweepstakes companies. Our focus is solely on fostering a positive atmosphere and providing entertainment for our participants. Participation in our events is entirely voluntary and free of charge. However, we do have a set of guidelines in place to ensure smooth and enjoyable experiences for all members. Failure to comply with our policies may result in removal from the group.

Our community, 777 Twenty Four Seven, provides a welcoming family-oriented ambiance. We host a variety of activities, including trivia sessions, talent shows, scavenger hunts, riddles with prizes, and much more. It’s essential to maintain an attitude of kindness and respect to remain an active member.

We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We process the exchange of task tokens Monday through Sunday with AAM.

Week day exchanges are from 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm EST

Weekend exchanges are from 12:00 pm – 5:00 pm EST

We employ EGO (Entertainment Games Only) as our payment processing system, enabling members to purchase tokens using their debit cards. Cash Card, Chime, PayPal, Venmo Debit, most Visa/Mastercard, gift cards, and other cards are acceptable forms of payment. It’s imperative to note that the card used for payment must be registered in the buyer’s name and address. The use of another individual’s debit card is strictly prohibited.

How to register:


Click Customer Login

Click New Customer

Our sales rep code is 77018we (West Investments)

Add your phone number

Follow steps and read thoroughly!

How to load after registration:

Step 1: Click Token Purchases- This will add money to your virtual wallet.

Step 2: Click Game Requests

Step 3: Click Use Tokens

After following these steps wait for the loading team to message you the confirmation that you’ve been loaded. If you are a NEW SIGN UP please message the loading page and inform them you would like to register.

Upon completion of the aforementioned steps, kindly await communication from the loading team to confirm your successful loading. For new sign-ups, please reach out to the loading page to register. 

Our platforms are manufactured in China and are internet-based. To optimize your gaming experience, we recommend playing on Wi-Fi and clearing your cookies and cache before commencing. It’s important to note that we cannot be held liable for any glitches, freezing, issues with in-app bonuses, device malfunctions, or connectivity problems.

Upon registration, it’s paramount to change your password immediately. Please refrain from sharing your login credentials with anyone, including our staff. Your funds are secure and can be left on your account to use at a later time. They will remain intact, and you can also utilize the virtual safe option to prevent credits from being used without your permission.

Please note that we will not initiate contact with you via inbox unless it is to A. load your EGO requests or B. Update you on your tier rewards. If you deactivate your account and contact us via messenger for a reload, we may not be able to respond. Rest assured, we do not store any of your private and confidential information.

The following are essential guidelines that must be adhered to:

  • Only one account per participant is permitted on any given platform.
  • Respect towards the loading team is mandatory, and any form of harassment, threats, or disrespectful language will not be tolerated.
  • We strictly prohibit the use of Cashapp, Apple Pay, or any other person-to-person payment application. Any attempt to send payments through these methods instead of utilizing our EGO system will not result in a load or refund. We will only load money that’s received through our platform.

777 Twenty Four Seven strictly prohibits the exchange of tokens for cash, hand pays, or any other financial transactions. Such actions are deemed illegal and have no place within our organization. To benefit financially from our company, interested individuals must register with Active Action Media. Through our partnership with AAM, our members can earn cash by enjoying various marketing campaigns and advertisements on their mobile devices. Compensation is granted once our members watch these marketing clips, and they can earn up to $1,500 daily. The amount of tasks tokens on your gaming platform determines the maximum amount of exchanges you can make. Once approved and qualified, you will receive an ACH deposit into your approved bank account via Plaid. Please note that deposits are only initiated during weekdays, although requests are processed all seven days of the week. We must emphasize that Active Action Media does not guarantee instant deposits, but the more frequently you use the service, the faster the process becomes. We appreciate your patience.

How to register for AAM:

  • Step 1: Visit https:/ /
  • Step 2: Under the CUSTOMERS button click Login
  • Step 3: Click the NEW CUSTOMERS button
  • Step 4: Add your phone number
  • Step 5: Distributor Code is 77018we
  • Follow all of the steps! Once verified click Action Form.

By agreeing to our rules you’re stating you are 100% understanding of our policies and promise to abide by the rules written above.

Upon acceptance of our regulations, you are confirming that you fully comprehend our policies and are committed to adhering to the aforementioned rules. By submitting to our code of conduct, you acknowledge your complete understanding of our fundamental principles and vow to comply with the sacred decrees outlined above. 

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